• Skardu: Two Kiwi Climbers Went Missing

    53-years-old Climber Martin Walter Schmidt 53-years-old Climber Martin Walter Schmidt

    Two Kiwi climbers who went missing on Friday while ascending the world’s second highest mountain, K-2, are presumed dead, tour operators.

    Reports suggest that 53-years-old Martin Walter Schmidt and his 25-year-old son Denali Walter Schmidt were hit by an avalanche on Friday night when they were at Base Camp 3 of the peak.


    The high altitude porters who were sent to search for the mountaineers on July 28 found that the climbers’ tent had been damaged and showed signs of having been hit by an avalanche.


    Fears about the death of the New Zealanders were confirmed by the high altitude porters who reached Camp 3 and found their ice axes and crampons scattered. Regrettably, we have no option but to presume them dead.

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