• Skardu: Baltoro River Overflows, Low Lying Areas Submerged

    Baltoro River Overflows, Low Lying Areas Submerged Baltoro River Overflows, Low Lying Areas Submerged

    An accidental lake that came into existence in Shigar village, is rising by 20 feet daily, posing serious threats to low-lying areas; hence, an advisory has been issued to the residents living in the abutting areas, Such reported Saturday.

    A colossal mountain rock broke slide into the Baraldo gorge during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, causing holdup in the flow of Shigar River that ultimately brought the artificial lake into existence.   

    The artificial lake has hitherto deluged a vast swathe of nearly four kilometers and is still on the surge. Skardu-K2 Road is also being affected owing to the lake.

    Alongside district and the rescue agencies, local people also are making efforts to make a spillway without heavy machinery which could not be transported to the site owing to the lack of any road leading to the affected area.

    The district administration warned the residents of low-lying areas to remain on guard to grapple with the potential threat.

    It should be mentioned here that Shigar River receives water from 62-kilometer long Baltoro Glacier—one of the longest glaciers outside the polar regions. Shigar River is a tributary to the Indus River.

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