• Landslide: Skardu lake sparks fear among residents

    Skardu lake sparks fear among residents Skardu lake sparks fear among residents

    SKARDU: A massive landslide that blocked water flow of River Baltoro have formed a lake, resulting in   and sparking fear among the residents in north Pakistan.


    Chief Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan has directed local administration to install a warning system in the area.

    He also asked the commissioner and deputy commissioner to visit Shagr, a sub-division of Skardu where a 300 x 800 mountain landslide fell down in the river in the suburbs of Hoto on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday.

    40 feet deep water submerged four kilometer area, blocking road leading to K2, the second highest mountain on Earth. The water also flooded agricultural lands and uprooted hundreds of trees.

    Villagers called on the government to take measures to evacuate them from the affected areas.

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