• PTI to challenge Gilgit-Baltistan CEC appointment

    PTI leader Ghulam Sarwar said on Saturday that Justice Retired Tahir Ali Shah is closely associated with the Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PMLN).

    PTI’s leader Ghulam Sarwar Khan would challenge the decision of the appointment of Gilgit-Baltistan’s CEC. According to Ghulam Sarwar, Tahir Ali Shah is associated with PMLN. The petition against Tahir Ali Shah would be filed under Article 184.

    Ghulam Sarwar has claimed to have the photographs of Tahir Ali’s presence in PMLN’s meetings. The photographs and documents regarding Tahir Ali’s ties with PMLN will be provided with the petition.

    Ghulam Sarwar also remarked that appointment of desired people on high posts won’t improve the election process.

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