• 9th Muharram Processions End Peacefully Amid Strict Security

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    9th Muharram being observed across country amid tight security  9th Muharram being observed across country amid tight security

    The mourning processions, Jaloos of 9th Muharram ul Haram ended peacefully across the country amid stringent security as hundreds of thousands paid homage to the sacrifices of Hazarat Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions.

    On the recommendations of the federal government, cellular mobile phone services in all major cities were suspended from 8am till 8 pm.


    The main mourning procession converged from G-6 Asna Ashri and passes through the Lal Quarters, G7 bridge, Melody and Poly Clinic. The women, children and youth carrying Tazye and Zooljinnah, horse related to

    Hazarat Imama Hussain (AS) and marched with religious enthusiasm on the streets as commensurate has ended by returning to the G-6 Imam Bargah.

    The Sabeels, the place where devotees distribute free juices made with milk and almonds, set up and free lunch was also distributed among the participants.

    The stringent security arrangements were made during the procession as more then 1000 police persons were deployed on the route. The aerial and safe city cameras were used to vigilance the procession.

    Personnel from Islamabad Police’s bomb disposal squad had inspected the procession’s route for any possible threat earlier in the day.


    The Central procession converged from Imama Bargah Fatmia Chitian Hatian and ended by returning the same place.

    During the procession strict security arra ngements were made and devotees were not allowed to enter in Jaloos without frisk search.


    The central mourning procession converged from Pandu street as the mourners offered Zuhar prayer at Siraj Building as thousands mourners were participated and expressed their love with the Hazrat Imram Hussain (AS). The Jaloos after passing through the traditional routes of Khema Sadat and Secretariat has ended at Pandu street.

    The strict security arrangements were made during the procession. The mourners were allowed to enter in Jaloos after passing from three-pronged security strategy.

    Second central mourning procession was taken out from Nisar Havili as devotees participated in large numbers to see Zuljinnah. Procession passed through the Imam Bargah Raza Shah, Muhalla Sian, Mochi Gate and Azan-e-Ali has been offered after reaching interior of Gate. The procession has ended at Gamey Shah Imam Bargah.


    In Karachi, mourners proceeded from Nishtar Park at 12pm led by Allama Zulfiqar Hussain Naqvi to the Hussainian Iranian Imambargah, where they reached in the evening. The procession after passing through its set routes ended at Imam Bargah Atia Ahle Bait, Hussainia Iranian.

    Alternative Route:

    According to traffic police the traffic coming to Soljar Bazar and Coast Guard has been diverted to Jubille after the procession, Traffic from Nazimabad to MA Jinnah Road diverted to Garden from Lasbela.

    Traffic from Liaqatabad to MA Jinnah Road diverted to Marton Road from Teen-Huti. Traffic from Gru Mandar was not allowed to come at MA Jinnah Road as it will diverted to Shaher-e-Faisal from Kashmir Road and Society light signal. Traffic coming from Mazar-Quaid will be diverted from Buhadar Jang Road.

    More than 6,000 police personnel had been deployed on the procession’s routes. Bomb disposal squads had been monitoring the progress of the procession after sweeping the area.The strict security arrangements were made during the procession as the busiest business street MA Jinnah Roads was sealed by erecting containers.

    The heavy contingency of rangers and police were given duty on route of the procession.

    Cellular services have been restored in almost all cities across country including Karachi.

    According to the details, Mobile phone services have been restored on Saturday evening after suspension in different parts of the country due to the strict security arrangements to safeguard Muharram processions.

    Earlier, the interior ministry had suspended cellular phone service in various cities including as part of security measures on the occasion of 8 Moharram processions on Friday.

    Though there was no formal announcement to suspend the mobile phones services from PTA, the citizen stopped receiving mobile phone signals from Friday morning.


    The main procession was converged from Imam Bargah Hussaina Hall Peshawar and mourners offered Zuhar prayer at Fawara Chowk. After the Zuhar prayer mourner marched through Sadar, Kala Bari and other street and culminated at Hussainia Hall, where it started.

    The second main procession was culminated from Imamb Bargah Bibi Sahiba Muhalla and returned to the same point after passing through the set routes.

    The police through supreme command post using CCTV cameras, was supervised the procession security. The strict security arrangements were made during the procession as IG Salahudin was himself present in control room.


    The main procession converged from Imam Bargha Nasirul Eza and ended at the same point after passing out on the set routes.

    The strict security arrangements were made during the procession as DIG Quetta said that the security arrangements were made more effective than previous year. The hotels, shops and other business were closed

    while para shooters were deployed on the building situated along the procession routes.


    The main procession was culminated from Imam Bargah Mumtazabad amid strict security and mourners offered Zuhar prayer at BBC Chow. After the Zuhar prayer procession proceeded to its set routs and ended at the same point Mumtazabad.

    During the procession the heavy contingency of police and Elliot Force was deployed on the routes as it was also monitored through CCTV cameras.


    The main procession taken out from Block-23 and culminated at the same point after passing through traditional routes.

    The procession of 9th Muharram were also held other parts of the country:


    Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Rohri, Shikarpur and other parts of the province.


    Faisalabad, Gujrnawala, Jehlum, Bhawalpur, Rahiyar Khan and other several cities.


    Swabi, Lukky Marwat, Mardan, Chitral and some other cities as well.


    The 9th Muharram Jaloos were also held in Sibbi, Qalat, Ziarat and other areas of the province.


    The main procession held in Muzzafrabad, however in Bagh, Mirpur and other areas have also held processions.

    Gilgit Biltistan:

    Like other parts of the country 8th Muharram Jaloos were also held in Gilgit Biltistan.

    In different gatherings following the culmination of the mourning processions, religious leaders will shed light on the teachings of Imam Husain and his companions.

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