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24 January 2018 Last updated 58 minutes ago

CCTV footage shows passengers misbehaving with FIA officials

New CCTV footage has emerged which deepens the controversy the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is currently embroiled in. The footage shows another side to the story as it captures the passengers misbehaving with FIA officials at Islamabad Airport.

Besides misbehaving with the female official, one of the passengers is seen attempting to snatch a mobile phone from a male official.

The controversy began when a video, which previously went viral, showed passengers and FIA officials fighting with each other. In the first video, a woman could be seen being physically assaulted by female FIA immigration officials at Islamabad airport.

The FIA previously denied that its officials beat up two passengers at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, claiming that the female passengers had misbehaved with their officials.

“Three women came to the FIA immigration counter and started abusing counter official Noshila Bibi over the fact there were no toilet papers in the washrooms,” the FIA said in a statement.

On this, the official on duty told the women that it was not her responsibility. “In response, [the female passenger] abused her and tried to slap her,” the statement added. As a result, a scuffle broke out as the two female officials and the three passengers started slapping each other.