• Blaming Imran for chaos, Sana seeks 'full powers' for law enforcers

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    Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah File photo Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah

    Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan of spreading chaos in the country and demanded that Parliament give “full powers” to law enforcement agencies to control "armed groups".

    Speaking during the joint session of Parliament on a motion related to key national issues including law and order on Wednesday, Sanaullah accused PTI chief Imran of marching on Islamabad with armed groups as his workers fired bullets and pelted stones at law enforcers during a police raid at his Zaman Park residence in Lahore.

    He added that not a single shot was fired by the police at the PTI supporters during the resistance.

    The minister said Parliament had the responsibility to guide the nation in various affairs and would have to play a role now to check the attempts by one party in creating an administrative crisis in the country.

    “One person (Imran Khan) is trying to create a law and order situation along with his group,” he added.

    He said that attempts were being made to create political and administrative crises, asking for Parliament's guidance to resolve these issues as well as give directions to overcome the ongoing economic crisis.

    The interior minister said Parliament is the supreme institution and other institutions have their own domains, responsibilities and authorities as per the Constitution framed by parliament.

    Parliament has authority to amend the Constitution and regulate the authority of other institutions, the minister added.

    He also urged parliament to take stock of the overall situation of the country and provide directions to all institutions on their basic roles.

    "Although there is no political or administrative crisis right now, attempts are being made [to create such crisis] which should be curbed," he said.

    The minister said that Imran Khan has been involved in creating chaos and unrest in the country for the last ten years.

    “Sit-in for 126 days, foul language in the speeches and disrespect for the parliament, long marches and protests from 2013-18 were aimed at creating anarchy in the country,” he added.

    The minister alleged that elections were "rigged and managed" to bring Imran Khan into power in 2018.

    He claimed that Imran Khan, during his tenure as prime minister, tried to sideline the opposition and rejected the offers of Shehbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for cooperation in steering the country out of challenges.