• Four 'terrorists' dead in CTD operation in Balochistan

    Four 'terrorists' dead in CTD operation in Balochistan File Photo Four 'terrorists' dead in CTD operation in Balochistan

    QUETTA: The provincial Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) claimed on Wednesday the deaths of four terrorists in a three-hour-long operation in Tera Meel area of Dasht, Balochistan.

    According to the CTD spokesperson, a woman is among the deceased terrorists while four security officials were injured in the operation. It was stated that the CTD was transporting an under-custody terrorist to assist in an operation when the shootout took place.

    CTD officials said one terrorist was shot dead by security personnel, one blew himself up killing no one else while the under-custody terrorist was killed in firing from terrorists. Rescue officials said a five-year-old boy was also brought dead to the hospital and was said to have been killed as a result of the operation.

    However, the minor's killing could not be confirmed by CTD officials. Following the operation, CTD officials carried out a search of the compound used by the terrorists, saying they recovered large amounts of weapons and explosives.

    Later, Balochistan Inspector General of Police Mohsin Hassan Butt visited the site of the operation where he was briefed by CTD officials. Butt praised the CTD team which carried out the operation.

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