• Three districts inundated in Balochistan


    Rainwater wreaked havoc in Ja’aferabad, Naseer Abad and Jhal Magsi in Balochistan.

    Million of cusecs water has penetrated in Indus River, with the result that an emergency has been declared in Shohdadkot.


    Advisor to relief activities Haleem Adil Sheikh said that heavy flow of water measuring 0.8m cusecs while breaking outfall drain of RBOD entered into Sindh River. Following the situation, emergency has been declared in the affected areas, said Advisor.

    The management had to break Dera Allahyar bypass on different points to divert the direction of flood water coming from Sindh, with the result that many areas in the outskirts were inundated.

    In the same way, dozens of villages in the suburb of Ghareebabad inundated due to a breach in the Sam canal near Osta Muhammad. Moreover hundreds of acres crops were flooded, leaving no hope for the local people.

    Locals accused officials of the Irrigation and Drainage Authority and the Irrigation Department of compounding their misery because they failed to maintain saline water drains and reduce water level in canals when rains raised the water level.

    They alleged that breaches had occurred because of backflow of drains and a decrepit condition of canal embankments, inundating 80 per cent crops of cotton, tomatoes and paddy.

    According to villagers, no irrigation official visited the area during the spell of heavy rain when the water level was rising alarmingly. This inaction compelled farmers to fend for themselves. All they could do was to make cuts in drains and canals in order to save their homes and crops. But these cuts could ultimately prove more dangerous in case rain lashed the region again.

    There was a shortage of medicines and food for the displaced people.


    One the other hand, Advisor to Sindh CM said that the provincial government has completed its arrangements in order to cope with any critical situation.

    In the same way, all the district offices of Deputy Commissioner, judiciary and DPO in Dera Allahyar are yet flooded.

    On the other hand, flood water also has hit the village Burj Bahyan in the suburb of Hafizabad. More than 40 out of 60 houses have collapsed. The affected people are of the view that administration has only provided them some old tents.

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