• Daughter’s Diagnosis Inspires Mom to Create Health Matchmaking Service

    Daughter’s Diagnosis Inspires Mom to Create Health Matchmaking Service File Photo

    Her daughter’s rare illness inspired this mother to create an organization that helps privately connect people living with unique health conditions.

    Connecting with another person living with the same condition can be a source of strength for parents of children with chronic illnesses and adults alike. Image via S1LY

    For parents of children with rare or chronic illnesses, it can be scary watching their child struggle with life-altering conditions, never fully knowing what their future may hold.

    In fact, the American Psychological Association notes that many parents lack the ability to cope with the new challenges presented by a child’s chronic illness, and depression and anxiety can result.

    The medical battles and unanswered questions can be extremely isolating.

    Many parents find it difficult to talk to friends and family about what’s going on, knowing they can never fully understand themselves.

    That isolation is something Makayla Allison of Colorado knows all too well.

    Her 7-year-old daughter, Lily, was born with a rare genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

    She was diagnosed just over a year ago.

    Prior to diagnosis, Allison told Healthline, “We spent those years navigating dozens of symptoms and seemingly unrelated diagnoses without an encompassing explanation for what was going on with her little body.”

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