• Cupping gone wrong: Man gets cup stuck to his back, firefighters called to saw it off

    On Tuesday in Wuhan, one man's cupping therapy session went horribly, horribly wrong. The man, surnamed Hu, has a home cupping kit that uses an air pump to siphon air out of the cup so that it sticks firmly to the skin. The Chutian Metropolis Daily reports that on Tuesday night, Hu laid down on the couch and his wife began sticking the cups to his back.

    However, she stuck one of the cups on too tight. Unable to pull it off, she ran to get a hammer and a pair of pliers, but could still do nothing to make the cup budge. Hu went downstairs to visit a local clinic, but the doctor there said that he also could do nothing for him.

    One hour later, Hu's son arrived to drive his dad to the hospital. Already, his skin inside the cup had swollen up to 5cm in height. Doctors at the hospital took one look at the problem and called the fire department for help.

    Firefighters soon arrived and removed the cup off Hu's back with a somewhat unhygienic looking saw. After being treated for his wound at the hospital, Hu said that from now on he would make sure to be more careful when using the cupping kit.

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