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13 December 2017 Last updated 43 minutes ago

Doctor of 500kg Egyptian woman makes surprise announcement

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  • Last modified onWednesday, 26 April 2017 18:38
Before and after: Eman Abd el-Aty lies in her hospital bed Before and after: Eman Abd el-Aty lies in her hospital bed

A doctor who was treating 500kg Egyptian woman, Eman Abd el-Aty, has said she is leaving the follow-up treatment team following a spat with the patient’s family.

Dr Aparna Govil’s announcement followed a letter written by Eman’s sister, criticizing the staff working on her after she suffered a series of paralyzing seizures that have cast doubt as to whether the patient will ever walk again, in contrast to previous claims.

Shimaa had written on her Facebook page that the Indian doctor who treated Eman had lied and misled her. She alleged that during the doctor’s first visit to Eman in January, it was claimed Eman would walk again.

Shimaa went on to claim that now the doctor was saying Eman would not be able to walk. She said the intensive treatment had only lasted four days, and that the doctor’s evaluation should be made after at least one year of intensive physical therapy.

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She claimed her sister improved for 10 days, but then suffered several states of coma.

Govil said Eman’s sister had scared and shocked her because the medical team caring for Eman were doing everything possible. She said the surgery had been a success and her patient’s condition had improved.

Govil had previously published on her personal Facebook page the letter that Shimaa had sent, asking Dr Muffazal to help her with the treatment of her sister. This is when Govil was sent to Egypt to follow up the case. They even helped with the visa applications and other paperwork to get Eman to India.

She explained that Eman’s case would be recorded as one of the most difficult medical cases and challenges, adding that there was a strong friendly and familiar bond with Eman.

She said Shimaa’s statement was hurtful and could be seen as the ‘worst example of an attack’ made by a patient’s family against a doctor.

Govil said she didn’t need to ‘prove anything to anyone’. She said Eman was at her best in 25 years. She added if the patient, or her family, were not satisfied with the results, they could search for another doctor or take Eman to another hospital.