• Met Office: Cold Wave To Persist For Couple Of Days

    Cold Wave To Persist For Couple Of Days Cold Wave To Persist For Couple Of Days

    Met Office has forecasted more rain and snowfall over next 24 hours adding that the current cold wave would persist for two more days in the country.

    The northern half of the country is in the grip of severe cold wave following the day-long drizzle and snowfall over the hills.

    According to the Met Office‚ the temperature has dropped to -13 centigrade in Kalat‚ -11 in Parachinar‚ -10 in Murree‚ -4 in Gupis and Hunza and -3 centigrade in Drosh‚ Skardu‚ Astore and Malamjaba.

    3-foot of snowfall has so far been recorded in Murree. The Islamabad-Murrree Motorway that was closed last because of snowfall‚ was opened this morning.

    More rainfall is expected in Gilgit Baltistan‚ Kashmir and Hazara Division during the next 24 hours with snowfall on the hills.

    Due to the thick fog, flight operation was suspended in Lahore while motorway was also closed in many cities of the country.

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