• Here are five ways to stop sneezing

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    When you're sitting with people around and suddenly begin sneezing, you might start to think of ways to stop it — but sometimes, it's just not that easy.

    A natural body mechanism, sneezing, is frowned upon in many cultures as a social gaffe. People, on several occasions, might not have a tissue or a handkerchief to rub their nose.

    So, how can we stop sneezing and put ourselves out of our misery?

    A fact that you should know: A person kept sneezing for 976 days, and as a result, produced more than a million sneezes, according to The Guinness Book of World Records.

    First, you could squeeze your nose by catching the tip of your nose — making it seem like you're pulling your nose out of your face. It'll not be painful but will be effective in stopping your sneeze.

    Second, if that doesn't work, use a tissue to blow your nose and clear it when you feel like sneezing. This will help you clear your sinuses.

    The third way is by pinching your upper lip and pressing it tightly towards your nostrils.

    The fourth way is to press your tongue behind your two froth teeth. Now, press it hard until the tickling sensation reduces.

    The fifth way is to begin pinching your nose with your forefinger.