• Sanam Saeed defends leaked dance video of Asma Aziz

    Actor Sanam Saeed File Photo Actor Sanam Saeed

    Actor Sanam Saeed has come out in support of Asma Aziz, a resident of Lahore who was allegedly beaten up by her husband and had her head shaved when she refused to dance in front of his friends.

    In a Twitter post, Sanam questioned when people will really understand the meaning of consent.

    “It's like saying if a prostitute was raped it’s her fault anyway. When will some of you really understand the meaning of #consent???” she wrote.

    “An old leaked video of #asmaaziz dancing, does not justify her being tortured for refusing to dance when she doesn't feel like it. Have mercy!” the actor continued.

    Asma made headlines last week when she described how her husband, with the help of their domestic workers, tied her up and tortured her, and shaved her head. Not long after, another video surfaced on the social media showing Asma allegedly dancing and singing along to songs in a car.

    As some people resorted to “victim blaming”, others retaliated saying the dancing did not justify the violence she was subjected to.

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