• 'Cake', 'Salam' win awards at South Asian Film Festival

    'Cake', 'Salam' win awards at South Asian Film Festival File photo 'Cake', 'Salam' win awards at South Asian Film Festival

    Pakistani film Cake and a documentary on Pakistan's first Noble Prize Winner Dr Abdus Salam won awards at the South Asian Film Festival in Montreal.

    Oscar nominee and Asim Abbasi directed movie Cake won the Best Feature award while the Salam - The First ****** Nobel Laureate won the Best Documentary Feature.

    “Many thanks to you the audience who come out to support the festival and its films! We give out audience favourite prizes as well and here are the winners. For audience favourite best feature, the winner is CAKE, the Oscar nominee from Pakistan,” the SAFFM announced on its Facebook.

    Cake tells the story of two sisters, one who lives abroad and the other who remains at home caring for their parents.

    Salam, tells the story of Abdus Salam, capturing his life’s journey, from a small village in Pakistan to worldwide scientific acclaim.

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