• Armeena Khan calls for action against cyberbullying

    Armeena Khan calls for action against cyberbullying File Photo Armeena Khan calls for action against cyberbullying

    Actress Armeena Khan has called for action against cyberbullying after she shared an incident on Twitter where a user had hurled abuses at her.

    Armeena shared a user's tweets and said, “Amusing. What a shame. Right I need details on this guy. Who can help?”
    When the user later deleted his tweets, Armeena shared screenshots of his tweets and publicly called him out for his actions.

    The actor known for her roles in serials Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hugi and Boland Ishq Parast added, “So guys, he has deleted his tweets. However, we tracked him and he will be reported to the correct authorities."

    "See you can’t abuse like any longer and if you see someone else being abused like that please report them to the authorities too,” Armeena added.

    The British-Pakistani actress also urged others to expose such people who are a “menace to the society.”

    "Such persons should be exposed for being a menace to society. This man has zero respect for mothers, daughters and sisters. I ask all to refrain from such language as it is unbecoming for a Pakistani. This is not how our parents bring us up.”

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