• Enraged Jaya Bachchan bashes fan for taking selfies

    Veteran actress Jaya Bachchan Veteran actress Jaya Bachchan

    Veteran actress Jaya Bachchan lashed out at a young fan while coming out of Shree Mankeshwar Mandir in Mumbai for taking selfies.

    According to Indian media, the actress called her fan ‘stupid’ and ruthlessly said ‘Don’t do this.’ She then headed straight to her car.

    A few days ago, Jaya also bashed priest who was trying to take selfie with her at Esha Deol’s baby shower.

    Earlier, Jaya had also scolded a bunch of students at a college festival last year. "Put your mobile down," she said, continuing "These are basic manners which we Indians have to learn.

    Just because you have a camera and a mobile, you get the freedom of take anyone’s picture anytime, without asking that person! These are basic educations that all colleges and schools and parents at home should teach their children."

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