• Zaid Ali T just shared a picture with his newly-wed wife

    A few weeks ago, Zaid Ali T excitedly shared a countdown to his big day. Now the star is officially married and we've been given a glimpse of his wife!

    He also uploaded a video of the day captioned "Our marriage" in which he plants a kiss on his wife's cheek.

    While we're happy for the two lovebirds, we are really curious to know how the two met. In October last year, he told us that there's a long way to go till marriage and that he has a few years left at least.

    And let's not forget, Zaid has toyed with our emotions in the past, like when he announced he was engaged, only to later reveal it was an April Fool's Day prank.

    That being said, this time it seems like the real deal. Wishing the two a blissful life ahead!