• Margaret Groening, Marge Simpson 'Inspiration', Dies

    Matt Groening's Feature In The Simpsons Matt Groening's Feature In The Simpsons

    Margaret Groening, the mother of The Simpsons creator Matt Groening and the basis for animated matriarch Marge, has died in Portland, Oregon aged 94.

    Her death was announced in an obituary notice in The Oregonian, which stated she died in her sleep on 22 April.


    Many of Matt Groening's family details went on to feature in The Simpsons, among them his mother's maiden name - Wiggum - and his father's name Homer.


    Homer Groening, a World War II veteran and cartoonist, died in 1996.


    According to her obituary, Margaret taught high school English before starting a family and was a talented needlework artist.


    A spokesman for The Simpsons confirmed her death and said Matt Groening was not available for comment.


    Last month the Simpsons creator confirmed that the inspiration behind the show's fictional town of Springfield was Springfield, Oregon.

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