• It’s Now About The VIPs For Ali Gul Pir

    Comedian Singer Ali Gul Pir Comedian Singer Ali Gul Pir

    After singing about the stereotypical Waderai Ka Beta and then throwing the creepy Taroo Maroo in the limelight, comedian-turned-singer Ali Gul Pir is now back with a third single, VIP.

    This time, as the name suggests, the track is about “very important people” or “big shots” who think they are above the all-so-ordinary awaam.


    “It’s a very angry song — I feel the character [that has been portrayed in the song] had to capture the true essence of a VIP,” says Pir. “The song also shows the hopelessness of us ordinary people.”


    The artist, who has been touring for the greater part of the year, explains how the idea of the song came about. Pir noticed the division of society amongst two types of people — the masses and the very important individuals.


    During his visit to the Wagha border, he saw that ordinary people had to stand far away from the change-of-guards ceremony, while the so-called big players, were seated in the front.

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