• Pakistan Ranks 122 Out Of 140 Countries In Travel

    Pakistan Ranks 122 Out Of 140 Countries In Travel Pakistan Ranks 122 Out Of 140 Countries In Travel

    The World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTC1) 2013 report released on Thursday revealed that Pakistan had improved by three ranking points, up from 125 in 2011 to 122 in 2013.

    Pakistan landed between Cameroon (121) and Bangladesh (123) in the overall world ranking, while neighbouring India ranked 65 on the competitiveness table.


    In the regional Asia Pacific rankings, Pakistan came in at 25, in between Tajikistan (23).


    The ranking are divided into three sub indexes, where Pakistan ranked 131 on the travel and tourism regulatory framework, 104 on the business environment and infrastructure, and 116 on travel and tourism human, cultural and natural resources.


    The index was compiled by taking 14 statistically significant indicators into account including, policy rules and regulations, environmental sustainability, safety and security, health and hygiene, prioritisation of travel and tourism, airport transport infrastructure, ground transport and infrastructure, tourism infrastructure, ICT infrastructure, price competitiveness in the travel and tourism industry, human resources, affinity for travel and tourism, natural resources and cultural resources.

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