• Punjab University Organizes a Seminar on Pakistan’s Contemporary Security Challenges

    Punjab University Organizes a Seminar on Pakistan’s Contemporary Security Challenges File Photo

    The seminar was organized by Pakistan study department of Punjab University. The topic of seminar was ‘Pakistan’s Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of Security Dynamics’, the relationship shared between Pakistan and India was also discussed. The aim of organizing this seminar was to throw light on challenges Pakistan is facing in maintaining its peaceful and friendly image in the world.

    The seminar was attended by guest lecturer Dr Agnieszka Kuszewska from Institute of Middle and Far East of Jagiellonian University, Poland.

    She is an expert on South Asian studies and analytical courses. She discussed various aspects of security, foreign relationships and strategies and geographical dynamics with specific context to Pakistan.

    She delivered her detailed analysis regarding challenges Pakistan is facing in keeping peaceful relationship with India particularly. She said, ‘Unfortunately in the presence of Narindera Modi in Indian government, the prospects for peace between Pakistan and India are quite depleted.

    The dream of regional integration and cooperation is also shattering away.’

    Based on her experience and studies about Soauth Asia, she suggested Pakistan should maintain a balance in prioritizing relations with China and USA. In her opinion, Pakistan should act as ‘smart power” and strategize its geographical privilege and utilize it’s for its larger and deeper benefits.

    China and USA both are in need of Pakistan’s land for various reasons and thus Pakistan’s foreign strategy can make use of it.

    The contemporary security challenges Pakistan is facing domestically and internationally are matter of concern for all South Asian countries.

    Prof Dr Muhammad Iqbal Chawla (Director of Pakistan Study centre Punjab university), while addressing the seminar said, Pakistan needs to develop its soft image in the world, historically the tiff between India and Pakistan was plotted by British Rulers and Lord Mountbatten at the time of independence in 1947. This tiff has yet not been diminished rather it is being transmitted forward decade after decade.

    For establishment of peach in South Asia and to form a strong security base, relations between India and Pakistan need to be built on equal basis.

    The Vice Chancellor of Punjab University, Prof Dr Niaz Ahmed also attended the seminar.

    He while his address highlighted the importance of South Asian Countries in context of social and economic development of the world. He appraised the CPEC project and was of the view that CPEC is ultimately a winner project for both China and Pakistan.

    It will bring jobs, development, investment, progress and tranquility in the region. He said that CPEC will make the fields of education, IT and engineering of Pakistan progress and developed.

    He further elaborated how CPEC is affecting positively both China and Pakistan.

    The collaborations brought in through CPEC project in educational field are encouraging exchange programmes, scholarships and research and development between Chinese and Pakistani universities.

    The attending students of Punjab University, scholars, teachers and high ranked officers of the seminar shared their opinions and the seminar proved to be a success.

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