• First Ever International Student Convention to Be held in Islamabad This Month

    First Ever International Student Convention to Be held in Islamabad This Month File Photo

    The International student convention (ISC) will be attended by participants from 30 countries. The ISC is being organized with collaboration of Social Sciences Pakistan (IUCPSS) and several other educational institutes of Pakistan. It will start from December 10, alongside a two days Global Expo under the theme of ‘Securing our future’, aiming at revitalizing the role of youth in development, construction of productive goals, peace sustainability and promotion of enterprises.

    The organizers have designed 30 competitions and interactive sessions for students with leading experts and personalities belonging from various fields with the aim to encourage maximum participation of students.

    Dr Nasser Ali Khan, IUCPSS chairperson has supervised all the arrangements and final presentations have been tendered in a meeting this week.

    The ISC and Expo 2018 will be consisted of International conference on Youth and Parliament, visit to Parliament House, diplomatic Forum & corner, university pavilion, books pavilion, tourism and culture pavilion, career counseling sessions, model UN and National Assembly sessions, talent hunt, ideas corner, workshops, seminars, sports activities, competitions and several other interesting and productive activities.

    The organizing of such conventions has an aim to involve youth in productive discussions and make them realize the importance of their role in building of future of the world.

    Interactive sessions of youth with experts of certain fields give the students an insight of professional and practical challenges they are going to face in future.

    It becomes source of future preparation to embark a highly competitive world out there. Gathering students from foreign countries and Pakistani students under same roof provides a platform to share their experiences, knowledge and talents.

    The organizers are charging no entry fee and visitors and participants will accommodated with on-spot facilities.

    The collaborative partners of IUCPSS for organizing this event are Comsats, Paigham-e-Pakistan, Punjab Higher Education Commission, United National Information Centre Pakistan, Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services, University of Lahore, Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, National Book Foundation, Asian Peace Film Festival and several other high- ranked Pakistani universities/ partner universities of Inter University Consortium.

    Pakistan is a country which has been subject of much negative bigotry from western world.

    International sports have been put on hold due terrorist activities and domestically Pakistan is facing numerous religious, financial, political and social crises. Amidst, multitude of odds, participation of international students in an international convention being held at Pakistan’s capital city, will send positive message to the world and inspire Pakistani students to work hard despite crises.

    The students will get exposure to share their talents before international professionals and subject experts and they can get information about various academic courses and programmes from them in ISC and Expo 2018.

    The event is organized on a grand scale; the organizers are working around the clock to make it a mega success as it is first ever in Pakistan. It is certainly an appreciable initiative of Pakistan’s Higher education commission; they are setting a high ranked example for other educational institutes to follow.

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