• Khalid Ishaque distinguished lecture series at LUMS

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    The Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law invited Mr. Salman Akram Raja to deliver a lecture on the Constitution and the Rule of Law in Pakistan. Salman Akram Raja is a senior Advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan and a prominent legal expert and commentator in Pakistani Media.

    Mr. Raja started his lecture by giving an alternative view of the partition and moved onto the Constitution and what was envisioned for the new state of Pakistan. He traced back from the initial Constitution to the current, mapping how and when religious elements were incorporated into the Constitution resulting in Islam becoming the official religion of Pakistan. He spoke of the damaging role played by the Objectives Resolution in furthering the aim of the religious scholars in the governance of Pakistan.

    He also criticised the recent recommendation of the Council of Islamic Ideology that DNA cannot be admissible as evidence in rape cases. He also spoke of how the role of the CII was merely advisory but had clearly influenced more than was expected of it.

    Mr. Raja also spoke of how the marriageable age for girls set by the CII was preposterous. From this he moved onto the landmark case of Saima Waheed, who had married without the consent of her Wali.

    Mr. Raja implored the students to play their part in bringing peace to this country. Senator S.M Zafar, Barrister Ali Zafar, Dr. Munir, Dr. Gill and Mr. Arif Nizami have all delivered lectures at LUMS as part of the Khalid Ishaque Distinguished Lecture Series.

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