• Pakistani Ahmad Shafiq honored with prestigious US hospitality education award

    Ahmad Shafiq Ahmad Shafiq

    WASHINGTON: Pakistan's Ahmad Shafiq, who is Chief Executive Officer of College of Tourism and Hotel Management, has been honored with a prestigious American award for being an outstanding educator and leader in hospitality training and education. 

    Shafiq is the first Pakistani recipient of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute's 'Lamp of Knowledge' Award. "I dedicate this award to Pakistan and its people," a beaming Shafiq said after achieving the coveted international distinction at the Stars of the Industry Awards summit in Washington D.C.".
    "Shafiq, whose college, known as COTHM, has campuses in Lahore and several other cities, called the distinction a moment of national pride, as he said determinedly Let's work together to serve Pakistan."
    The leading American Institute said it gives the Lamp of Knowledge Award to individuals who "demonstrate extraordinary commitment to advancing the quality of professionalism and education in the hospitality industry."

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