• Educated terrorists in Pakistan, How we can stop them?

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    Zohaib Altaf File Photo Zohaib Altaf

    Edified terrorist are not incipient phenomena in the world. We have many terrorists which are highly educated. Even world most notorious terrorist in the world were highly inculcated an affluent. We are optically discerning this phenomenon in Pakistan that many edified puerile people are joining the terrorist organization.

    In recent news counter terrorism department Peshawar apprehended 72 post graduate and graduate students since 2014. In these apprehended students 100 had reached to intermediate level and 274 had done metric. In 2016 security force apprehended highly edified terrorist which belonged to highly accomplished families.

    We have this question that why edified people are joining these terrorist organization when we ken that Edification is the rudimentary thing which brings light in us, its shows the distinction between right and erroneous. Einstein defined inculcation “Education is not learning of the facts but it’s the training of the mind to cerebrate “. The most keenly intellective person in this cosmos defined inculcation in this way because edification gives human beings competency to cerebrate. Through edification we can cerebrate differently. When we have the diverse cerebrating in the society then we can bring the solutions of different quandary very expeditiously. Those societies progress in the modern world, which enable their people to cerebrate from different dimensions. They can visually perceive the different aspect of an issue.

    Where we are destitute of as nation? Why our edification system is providing us the terrorist? What’s erroneous with our inculcation system? 

    We are endeavoring to look into the edification system of Pakistan and optically discern what is genuinely erroneous with our inculcation system.

    In Pakistan we have edification system which depends on the class system. Most of the people in Pakistan don’t have the access to the quality edification. Inculcation has become business; people are more concern with the documents then learning. Learning has confined itself in the numbers. Character building and engendering good denizens is not concern of anybody. We are not engendering the human beings but low quality robots, which can work and earn livings for them and their family.

    Privatization of inculcation engenders two issues: privatization of edification made edification business and people have more fixated on numbers. It has become the numbers game. It’s not conception any more .Main issue for them is how to make more mazuma. Main focus is to ameliorate transcript of students. For parents the main quandary is additionally in numbers .How much student can earn after consummating the inculcation. In a society we are living in; good human beings are only those who have stable financial state .We as society judge people not on their deeds but on their dosh.

    Private educational institutions should also focus on character building and help the state in terminating the menace of extremism and terrorism. 

     On the other hand quality inculcation is infeasible for the most of people in Pakistan. In regime schools despite the recent ameliorations have lots of issues. Most of the regime schools don’t have the computers and library. Teachers doesn’t embolden the difference of opinion. Students have to follow the straight line. Most of the books prevailing in these schools don’t synchronize with modern world. Physical and phrenic violence is still prevailing in those schools .Violence can be very problematic on the more astronomically immense scale .Because we edify them  that violence is the weapon to reform the society. We can utilize it as the implement to make world a better place.

    It remains in their insensate and when they grow up and become the component of the society, they endeavor to utilize violence as implement.

    We additionally need fundamental enhancements in the syllabus prevailing in these schools. We need Pedagogia training and we should enamored them with implement  which can avail them in engendering the better society. 

    With all these transformations in edification sector we additionally need to amend the economy. We should do development in symmetrically manner. We should give more funds to those areas which are impecunious and can be inchoation of these terrorists. State must take steps to eradicate unemployment.

    Last two steps which are very paramount in solving this complex problem: We should contravene the narrative of these terrorists that violence is solution .We should tell them violence engenders more quandaries for the deprived Muslims. Islam condemns all kind of violence.

    United Nations should resolve all outstanding issues. Resolution of these issues will automatically exterminate the narrative of the terrorism.

    These all steps together can stop edified students from joining the terrorist organizations۔

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