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17 December 2017 Last updated 10 minutes ago

Islamic Banking is a fast growing industry in Pakistan

Islamic Banking Islamic Banking

Islamic banking is a fast growing industry world over. Worldwide growth rate is more than 15 per cent while it is about 40 per cent in Pakistan.

With every passing day, its penetration in every society is increasing, covering more and more areas. The developments during the last ten years in the field have drawn attention of the people on individual level and in business and corporate sectors. But our ratio is low. Therefore, when we show it in figures it is fewer. However, our growth rate is very high. Trends are changing and people are coming to Islamic Banking. People wish to join Islamic banking and they try and if they are satisfied, they decide to adopt it completely. We need to spread awareness. Islamic banks are doing well in this respect, however, this needs continued efforts.

Our experiment was successful. And it is expanding fast. Our network is getting large and the number of our books and clients is increasing. UBL is providing the products exactly in accordance with the shariah structures permitted by the State Bank. We have to get permission from the Shariah Board for any new product before introducing it. At present we are providing all the products, for deposits and for financing, that are approved by the State Bank.