• Govt announces zero load-shedding in over 60pc feeders

    Govt announces zero load-shedding in over 60pc feeders File Photo

    Minister for Power Division has declared five thousand two hundred ninety seven feeders as load-shedding free from tonight in first phase of load-shedding free Pakistan.

    Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Ahmad Leghari addressing a news briefing in Islamabad on Sunday evening, said that only 236 feeders out of 8600 feeders were observing zero load-shedding, while from tonight 63 percent of them has been made loadshedding free.

    The Minister said that zero load-shedding feeders include LESCO 1227, GEPCO 748, FESCO 896, IESCO 710, MEPCO 763, PESCO 309, HESCO, 204, QUESCO 61, and tribal areas 29 feeders.

    He said zero loadshedding will be observed on feeders with below 10 percent losses.

    The Minister said zero loadshedding will be fully monitored to ensure uninterrupted electricity on the said feeders. He also announced to abolish the urban and rural differentiation for load shedding to ensure equal distribution of electricity among the consumers.

    Sardar Awais Leghari said 16, 477 MW of electricity is being generated in the country today. He said at present 2700 megawatt of electricity is surplus.

    He urged the people to cooperate with the power distributing companies to overcome electricity theft so that loadshedding can be eliminated hundred percent.

    To a question, Awais Khan Leghari said that over billing is not allowed at all. He said that the PML-N is committed to fulfill its election vows to end loadshedding in the country.

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